Work Clothing

Our stock of work clothing is drawn from a range of suppliers including the well known ones below. It's making the choice that's difficult.


Good enough for Crocodile Dundee, good enough for you. The Akubra hat has been protecting Australians from damaging UV rays for decades. If you want a hat in the classic Aussie style choose from the Akubra range.


The famous "Driza-Bone" all weather coat is one of our most popular items. Made popular the world over when worn by the Australian Olympic team in 2000, the Driza-Bone comes in a number of styles and sizes.

R.M. Williams

Maybe known best for their range of boots, R.M. Williams also produce an extensive range of clothing for both men and women. From shirts and trousers to oilskin coats and belts, R.M. Williams can have you "fitted out" with all the right gear.


All KingGee products are made to the highest standard. KingGee garments meet Australian standards for design, production, supply and service. KingGee's certification is the highest obtainable for work wear in Australia.

Hard Yakka

From manufacturing heavy-duty work overalls in the 1930's, Yakka has grown to become Australia's premier work wear supplier. The company's name is taken from the Aboriginal word for work. Of course, the expression "Hard Yakka" is now part of our unique vernacular and has become synonymous with endurance, strength and pure Aussie sweat.


Another of the traditional work wear manufacturers with a range of products and styles to suit the Australian worker. An Australian company that produces some of the toughest work wear available.

Euroa Clothing Company

Originally best known for its moleskin and oilskin products, Euroa Clothing Company has recently developed a strong reputation in denim/wool products which are warm in winter and cool in summer and much easier to care for than traditional denim.


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